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European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg and Mediterranean University of Albania in Tirana, organize the Certified Course on “European Integration” from 27th of March 2015 to 15th of June 2015. The Certified Course on “European Integration” will be organized in Tirana at Mediterranean University of Albania and EU Headquarters in Brussels.

The Certified Course on “European Integration” is designed to provide advanced academic training for young graduates coming from Albania and the region, in the field of European Union law, economics and policies, and, more generally, on the process of European integration. The training provided is geared to preparing students and young professionals for careers in EU, national and local institutions, professional associations, the corporate world and private practice. The main objective is to build up the students’ and young professionals’ professional skills in order to enable them to deal with EU policies and participate in their implementation. Eligible to enrol are graduates in the domain of Economics, Politics, Law, etc. junior professionals from public and private sector. The Certified Course on “European Integration” awards an EU Certificate and 20 ECTS.

The Certified Course on “European Integration” will be focused in:

• European Organizations
• European Economics
• European Legal Challenges
• The Role of Science and Education in the Process of Candidacy – European Projects and Lobbing

The course programme, relies on the experience of European Academy of Sciences and Arts and an academic body from the two institutions including former EU Commissioners, Judges from the Court of Justice of the European Union, top-level directors of European and national institutions, university professors and experts in EU issues as well as the experience of Albanian experts.

Prof. Dr. Michael von Hauff,
Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld,
Prof. Dr. Erich Hoedl,
Prof. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber,
Prof.Dr. Felix Unger,
Dr. Paul Rübig.
The ceremony of presentation of Certificates will be held in the EU Parliament.

Fee 1600 Euros
Deadline for application 25.03.2015

[email protected]
[email protected]
Blv. Gjergj Fishta No.52,
Tirana 1023